Thank you for joining our "22% of Year End Party" | 22%のYear End Partyにご参加いただきありがとうございました!

Thank you for joining our "22% of Year End Party"
22%のYear End Partyにご参加いただきありがとうございました!


The other day, the ARI Astrology Institute's 22% Year End Party with Setsu and Mr. Kenichi Kumamoto ended on an uplifting note!
Thank you to everyone who joined us.
Thank you to Mr. Kumamoto, Keiko-san of ARI, and their staff for organizing the event!

Astrology researcher, Mr. Kumamoto told us about the turning points in 2022, as well as some important periods that will symbolize the year to come, and gave us a lot of valuable information! (I've recently started to study Western astrology with ARI, and although I'm a very, very beginner, I must admit that we are very much influenced by the stars...or so I've come to think. So, I hope that this valuable information will support me to create the best 2022 I can! (I'll do my best!).

Setsu also gave us a lot of messages as well that I was struggling to even take notes!
This is a typical scene when Setsu is connected to the universe and receiving the necessary messages.
The message suddenly came down just before the party started, and she said, "please make a note of this!” (It was about the lucky colors for 2022!)
Setsu doesn't remember the content of the message when she is connected to the universe, so " take a note of it!” is a common sight among us behind the scenes.

In her talk, there was a phrase that left a special impression on me personally.

Everyone wants something like "1+1=2".

We tend to seek a tangible and clear answer to something, but we have become so complicated that we cannot easily make it our own even if it is given or shown the obvious answers.

The words and expressions Setsu chooses are well thought out, with messages that cover everything, from self-realization as an individual to the direction we should aim for as human beings living on the earth.

Simple words can lead us to true understanding and raise our energy when we overthink things too complexly.

How can I put this….
For example, for a child who doesn't like vegetables, chop them into small pieces and put them all in the curry (or any dishes), and make the child say, “Yummy!”.

The messages we wrote down, the messages we remembered, the messages we may have missed, and the messages that hurt our ears, all live on in those of us who attended the party, guiding and encouraging us in the direction we need to go.

As a staff, I was impressed again! It moved me once again.
I think it made me accept that each of us is a powerful being without any reservations.
It also made me understand in my heart that this small awareness and change that may have occurred within each of us has the power so great that it can move the earth in a better direction.

Thank you to everyone who read this blog!


先日、ARI占星学総合研究所主催 Setsu × 隈本健一先生 22%の Year End Party が楽しく終了しましたー!















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