ONENESS IN LOVE INC. CEO, Spiritual Messenger & Advisor/Psychic/Medium

Born in Japan, currently residing in NYC, Setsu has been gifted with psychic abilities and healing power since her childhood. Her mission as a spiritual messenger and advisor is to deliver reading messages of how to reconnect with their own soul, how to discover their power and how to acknowledge their true self. In order to expand her mission globally, she founded ONENESS IN LOVE INC. in 2011. Since then, various reading and healing sessions, seminars, workshops, retreats and other events are being offered regularly to attain from personal needs to business consulting. Regardless of age, sex, race and occupation, everyone can take advantage of her reading sessions to receive spiritual messages. To make the world a peaceful place starts with individual happiness.

“Every existing being is ONE connected by LOVE. We are ONENESS.” By Setsu