Energy Cleansing

Energy Cleansing is a session for people who are sick or happen to be in unfortunate situations. Setsu will adjust your energy and deliver messages from your body, heart and soul. Chakra cleansing can be done during the session upon request.

One Session (up to 1hr)

*The session duration may vary depending on the person's conditions. *Energy Cleansing session is NOT a medical treatment.


Gifu, Japan

Whenever I talk to Setsu I feel cleansed and make me feel calm and kind. After taking a couple of sessions, among many professionals in various highly trained field, I feel Setsu is a professional in listening, understanding clients' situations and giving advise to our needs. She gives advise putting herself in my place and respectfully asks in thoughtful way. She is so amazing in giving precise advise.

I experienced miracle during Energy Cleansing session. My eyes were closed the whole time and my mind was empty but tears were coming down from my eyes. As she was cleansing me and breathing as a process of the cleanse I felt breeze around my neck even though the session was by Skype. After cleansing was finished she says I was (my energy was) remotely over there behind you!, which explains the breeze behind my neck. She also says many clients tears up during the cleansing session. I am not good at releasing emotions naturally I feel so cleansed after my tears. It was such an unusual experience but it was so valuable time for me. Thank you very much.