Space Cleansing

Space Cleansing is essential for any place whether it is your own/rented house or apartment, or your workplace. Since the energy of place has an enormous impact on people who are present, it is important to enhance its energy. Once the place is fully recharged, Setsu will surround with protection against negativity. Then, your place will be activated with beautiful energy, which increases harmony, brings peace in your relationship, enhances overall productivity for business space, and more.

  • Cleanse each room of the space including entrance, hallway, balcony, den, bathroom, office lockers, basement, garage etc.)
  • Cleanse the property’s land and enhance the energy with the help from God, angels, fairies, etc.
  • Cleanse wandering spirits and bring back to where they belong.
  • Setsu may receive and convey messages from the interiors such as furniture, pictures, paintings, plants, accessories, crystal stones, any items you use daily and cleanse them.
  • After your space is fully cleansed she will surround with protection against any negativity to use the space with peace and comfort.
$600 and up
$1,200 and up

Session fees vary depending on the type and the size of the space.

Please provide the following information:
•Type of the space: Residence or Business
•Total size of the space (all rooms incl. bathroom, kitchen, den, etc.)

*Please add to the size if you would like garages/gardens to be included.

20% Off Private Reading or Energy Cleansing when taken together with Space Cleansing on the same day.


Brooklyn NY

Yesterday, I had my new house in Bushwick Brooklyn, NY cleared by an amazing psychic healer, ONENESS IN LOVE INC. (Setsu). The house had a complicated history and I had been feeling its weight, along with residue from my own recent experience. On a practical level, that meant issues with building permits, difficulties with the people I hired, stuff breaking and a big drain on my resources. Certain rooms made one feel angry or sad or frightened. Setsu walked through the house telling the stories of suffering that had penetrated its walls - most of which she intuited. Then she walked around, turning on all the lights, opening the windows, murmuring prayers and using sage and Palo Santo smoke to envelop its perimeter and every hidden corner. In the end, she saged ME. Afterwards, we walked back around the house and the whole place really did feel better! Brighter, lighter, more serene. Almost as if the house was smiling. Even though it's a construction site, you could breathe easily and not feel the dust. Today, I am energized and bright. Thank you, Setsu!


As I am a healer and an intuitive, everyone asked why I couldn’t do it myself - three reasons - 1. It’s always hard to face one’s own obstacles (think about tickling yourself or imagine being your own therapist, no matter how highly evolved your emotional intelligence) and 2. I’d been recovering from stuff and needed a re-boot myself as all healers and humans do and 3. It requires A LOT of energetic strength and balance to shift the energy of a space, especially a large one. Setsu had the fortitude and years of practice to do something I couldn’t manage on my own.