We receive many great feedback from our clients. This is the best way to show what ONENESS IN LOVE INC. is all about and what Setsu's sessions and events are like.

  • Private Session

    Cristiana, New York

    A dear friend recommended Setsu and I feel grateful to have had an appointment with her. The session with Setsu was a beautiful experience, bringing clarity to me about my situation, a tool to support the decision I am going to take. If I look for adjectives about the session, I would say that it was empowering, reassuring, comforting, magical. I felt the connection with the Universe, the Angels and my parents who passed away many years ago, and I received their valuable advises thanks to Setsu's understanding of their messages. I am so grateful to her for sharing her gift with me.

  • Private Session

    Peter, New York

    I believe Setsu's intuition comes from the consciousness of the heart. As such, and according to recent scientific research (see Institute of Heart Math) there is no limit to what can be known instantaneously through the heart (of a gifted person), as opposed to psychic impressions from the mind, which have all manner of limitation, both in scope and accuracy. For me, her insight was profound & immediate, with no delay for interpretation. And her advice was given lovingly and generously, which made it all the more valuable and appreciated.

  • Private Session

    Jennie, New York

    Setsu san is a good listener and thoughtful provider of feedback and support. Her helps helped me formulate and reconsider my thoughts that allow me to move forward.

  • Skype Private Session

    E, Switzerland

    I felt very comfortable. It was so thrilling and sometimes very funny, which brought easiness in the air. She gave me many tips on eating healthy. Thorough her reading my questions and feelings were answered and confirmed.
    I told my daughters about it. They are Looking Forward to meet Setsu. I also am excited to get to know her in person.

  • Private Session

    V.K., New York

    Setsu is a wonderful mentor and I consider her an amazing life coach ever since I had the pleasure to meet her 5 years ago. She's loving, caring and full of positive energy. Whenever I hit a little bump in the road, I can always turn to Setsu for encouragement and valuable lessons. She's a gem. I'm grateful for wonderful and enlightening teaching.

  • Private Session

    E.K., New York

    It was nice to see Setsu again. I appreciated her time and feedback. She was knowledgeable, caring and patient when addressing my questions and concerns. Would highly recommend to others who need spiritual guidance.

  • Space Cleansing

    A.M., New York

    Yesterday, I had my new house in Bushwick Brooklyn, NY cleared by an amazing psychic healer, ONENESS IN LOVE INC. (Setsu). The house had a complicated history and I had been feeling its weight, along with residue from my own recent experience. On a practical level, that meant issues with building permits, difficulties with the people I hired, stuff breaking and a big drain on my resources. Certain rooms made one feel angry or sad or frightened. Setsu walked through the house telling the stories of suffering that had penetrated its walls - most of which she intuited. Then she walked around, turning on all the lights, opening the windows, murmuring prayers and using sage and Palo Santo smoke to envelop its perimeter and every hidden corner. In the end, she saged ME. Afterwards, we walked back around the house and the whole place really did feel better! Brighter, lighter, more serene. Almost as if the house was smiling. Even though it's a construction site, you could breathe easily and not feel the dust. Today, I am energized and bright. Thank you, Setsu!

    As I am a healer and an intuitive, everyone asked why I couldn’t do it myself - three reasons - 1. It’s always hard to face one’s own obstacles (think about tickling yourself or imagine being your own therapist, no matter how highly evolved your emotional intelligence) and 2. I’d been recovering from stuff and needed a re-boot myself as all healers and humans do and 3. It requires A LOT of energetic strength and balance to shift the energy of a space, especially a large one. Setsu had the fortitude and years of practice to do something I couldn’t manage on my own.

  • Property Consulting

    M, New York

    I went to see about 40 properties and consulted top 6 (the ones we really liked) with Setsu before purchasing the current residence and it was truly a long journey. Thanks to Setsu, I gained my patient and strength to find THE ONE for us. Setsu always encouraged me to believe that "We will find the perfect one for us" and it was a huge help.

    Through our property search, we've learned that there are properties with ghost (of course), house spirits, invisible problems and the difference in energy level (both property and area). There are so much what we cannot see but Setsu can see. That's why the property search is full of surprise for us.

    We had a frightening experience when we visited one of the properties with ghost that didn't want anyone in the house. The light would go on and off without touching the switch and the rooms looked somewhat dark even though there were many windows. Also, it was interesting to know that the property has its own preference of what kind of resident they want to have (whether quiet, loud, young etc).

    Buying a property is a huge decision and commitment in our life and I'm so grateful that I was able to consult with Setsu to make an important decision. Thanks to Setsu, we enjoy every minutes of our life in our new place now.

  • Group Session and Private Session

    M, Tokyo

    Thank you for the session the other day. I’m happy to participate both group and private session. I’ve been wanting to meet with Setsu in person since I took a Skype session two years ago. I made a reservation two days before the session but I feel extremely lucky for being able to participate both group and private session on the same day.

    I wanted to learn how to meditate through the group session. It was easy to understand the how-to and I’ve been practicing it every day since then. I was nervous during the group meditation but I felt relaxed by the sound and scent from the nature. I felt like I was surrounded by lights and I felt warm on the left side of my body. I was surprised to hear that a person next to me on the left also felt warm on her right side as well. I felt strong when I heard a story of angle. It was like a dream to share and experience the magical moment together with all the participants.

    During the private session, I consulted about my father and study abroad which I haven’t been able to make a decision for a long time. As Setsu mentioned, I will trust all the way, go with the flow and proceed with my future! I look forward to see you again in a few years in Colorado. Thank you so much again!

  • Group Session and Private Session

    YUY, Tokyo

    Thank you for a wonderful event. Unfortunately, the private session was already full but I received the information about the group lesson by coincidence and it turned out to be full of wonderful gifts for me. Setsu mentioned that the first impression is important and it was exactly what I have been working on. After the session, the rest of participants told me that my face had changed a lot! As I cannot hide my feeling through facial expression, it was important for me to be there to receive a simple message “Be always open minded and have a bright heart.”

    In the past I had hard time meditating but I learned some tips this time! I haven’t felt any sparkles yet but the meditation has been part of my life. I believe it’s not necessary to visit “Power Spot” as long as I can feel the presence of the Angeles. During the private session, what stroke me was a message I received which is “Make it happen!” for what I’ve been wondering these days. It is wonderful to be able to feel “I have to make it happen!” In reality, I’ve made one thing completed so far.

    As I knew that all the participants of the group session was going to receive a common message, I was truly surprised when I learned that other participants had very similar experience as I did in the past. It was such a great experience to get to know all the participants and staffs who organized the session in Japan. A big hug from Setsu I received towards the end of the session gave me such a comforting and warm feelings. Thank you so much.