Miracle of 22 Part 2 | 22の奇跡 パート2

Miracle of 22 Part 2 |  22の奇跡 パート2


*The article is in English and Japanese; 英語文のあとに日本語文と続きます

Well, the day after I posted my last blog, "Miracle of 22" just before my monthly seminar, I was taking shower at about 5:00 in the early morning in New York. Suddenly, I heard a voice from the universe saying, "There's more to the blog, isn't there?"

I don't know when, but whenever I go to the bathroom, a message suddenly comes down to me. 
I didn't even think about anything at all.
As soon as I was told to continue, I immediately came up with what it was about.
So here is the continuation of my last blog.

Last time, on September 22 at 2:22, an angel showed me a message on my cell phone.
Keiko Sobue, CEO at ARI Astrology Research Institute, Kenichi Kumamoto, Astrology Researcher and myself (as well as our dear illustrator Tsuyoshi Inoue, ARI staff members, and our staff members Nao and Ayako!) I'd like to share with you a quote from Mr. Kumamoto from the book "22% Of The Hidden Truth", that the three of us were so proud to publish the last year, and will be published in English in 2022.


"When your left-hand gets injured, automatically your right hand will move to try to heal it unconditionally.
You don't have the intent to heal with your own hand.
This is called 'mercy' in Buddhism.
With unconditional love, your right-hand tries to help your injured left hand.
It leads to the reality of the 'whole'." ------By Mr. Kenichi Kumamoto

        From our book "22% of the Hidden Truth"

Compassion (Jihi in Japanese)
In Sanskrit, it is called maitri maitrī or karuṇā.
When it is distinguished between compassion and sorrow, compassion corresponds to maitri and sorrow corresponds to karuna. Compassion means to give people comfort and sorrow means to relieve people of suffering. Compassion is the driving force behind the altruistic act of relieving living beings from suffering. The Buddhist spirit of love, called compassion, basically arises from the spirit of selflessness, which is manifested in the realization that the self is selfless. From the World Encyclopedia 2 in Japanese


Sadly, the earth we are living on now, even as the year 2021 is coming to an end, even after experiencing such a historic crisis of COVID-19 pandemic, people are still fighting, soil and food are still polluted with chemicals, and we have become so accustomed to the fact that the sky is not really blue. We can't stop the destruction of the environment, we suffer from the disparity between rich and poor, we continue to live a life that is harmful to our physical and mental health, we go to work we don't want to do, we silence our hearts, we spend a lot of time among people we don't sympathize with, we can't remember the last time we smiled affectionately and laughed so hard in a truly forgiving situation. We don't pay attention to the cries of our neighbors' children, we don't care about the safety of our neighbors who live alone, we don't care if someone else is crying out of sadness, loneliness, or disappointment. We blow cigarette smoke in people's faces without hesitation, we throw cigarette butts in the street without any shame, we create new species of animals at our own pleasure, we create rules for animals at our own will and abandon and abuse them in rage, we forget that nature is alive and we lose respect and gratitude, we loot, we kill, we take our own lives, innocent children and all other people, nature, animals and the earth are in danger of dying.

How long will we continue to create this hell with our own hands if we don't make up our minds today if we don't stop ignoring it today if we don't grow in the way we think, the way we act, the way we live?


What we are lacking is the compassion that Mr. Kumamoto teaches us in the book.
We are no longer able to help our right hand with unconditional love when our left hand is injured.
When someone is hurting, it's hard for us to be there with unconditional love to help them.
This is because we have become the collective mass of negative egos. Because we are selfish.
And we have a fear of helping. We can't trust anyone anymore. The world is full of fear.
This is a state of separation.
You separate yourself from the rest. And you are filled with a negative ego that clings to the "individual".
You are so desperate to protect yourself that you can't see the truth anymore.
Isn't it painful? It's painful. It's lonely.
It's the opposite of what we are essentially made for.

We didn't come to earth to create this reality, to become this person.
We have to remind ourselves. What we experienced, what we regretted and reflected on, how much we wanted to give ourselves another chance and start over.
How much I wanted to be given another chance at "life" to make myself more alive and wonderful.
How we wish we could have loved each other and helped each other as one.

We were reborn with so much hope, and we wanted it for ourselves! All we have to do is to remember that we were born again because we wanted to be!
Let's wake up, remember, change, and create heaven on earth together, as soon as possible!
To do this, we must regain our compassionate hearts.
To do this, we must regain compassion for ourselves, which means becoming selfless, which means becoming true love itself, which means freedom and peace!
The exact opposite of separation.
This is called Oneness.

Let's do it, everyone!
We can do it!

Love & Prayer,


いつの頃からか、バスルームに行くと突然メッセージが降りてくることが多くなりました 笑
ということで、前回のブログの続きです。Part 2! Here we go!

前回、9月22日 2:22と携帯に天使さんが見せてくださったので、


(占術研究家 隈本健一先生談/私たちの著書「22%に秘められた真実」より)










We can do it!


Love & Prayer,




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