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Our Time Limit is Approaching



In the article by Leahy(2019), the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) came up with “The Tipping Point.” The tipping point is the point that little changes turn into powerful enough to create a more significant, more critical change that can be sudden, inevitable, and can cause cascading effects. To avoid the tipping point, we must keep the temperature rise under 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit (1.5 degrees Celsius). Many climate experts say we have until 2030 to hit a tipping point. So as you can see, we don’t have that much left, and this is an emergency. 

What can we do now? We need to reduce our carbon footprint. Following are some ideas to reduce the carbon footprint introduced by Cho(2018),

1. Consume organic and local food

2. Minimize your food waste

3. Buy recycled clothing

4. Wash your clothes in cold water

5. Try not to buy unnecessary stuff

6. Try to buy “Energy Star” products

7. Turn off lights or unplug when you’re not using

8. Installing solar panel

9. Minimize your car usage

10. Purchase a Hybrid or Electric car

There are more ways to reduce carbon footprint. You can do your research, and you can start with what you can start. It is essential for all of you to take action for it. It does not need to be perfect. If each one of us takes action, even little things will be a massive difference in the end. We would like you to have a sense of urgency that we do not have that much time to have a tipping point in the near future. Let’s believe that we can make a difference and take action!!

Article By Mariko. S, Member of Heavenly Earth Movement 


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Article By Mariko. S, Member of Heavenly Earth Movement 


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