🌍 Earth Day 2022 52 Years Later | アースデー2022 52年後の今

Earth Day 2022 🌍 52 Years Later

アースデー 2022 🌍 52年後の今


This year marks the 52nd year of the Earth Day, which began in 1970. We are grateful that this movement has led to the enactment of many environmental laws to protect the earth and its people. Yet, 52 years after, that is more than half a century later, we continue to destroy the earth everywhere and our own precious quality of life. What are we doing? Or what are we not doing?

Our world needs more people than ever to take action to make it a better place, a more heavenly place for humanity, animals, nature, and the planet as a whole. In order to take action, we first need to know the right information about what is happening. Then, you must take conscious, proactive action. That action does not have to be big. Any action, no matter how small, is better than doing nothing, right?

We wondered if there was anything we could do that would have a positive impact on the planet without going anywhere or having any expertise. Setsu says that if our souls are at peace, we will not have destructive thoughts. If we are all at peace, there is no destruction in the world. Only peace would exist. I took it upon myself to start looking hard. Even though I pray and speak aloud how much I want peace and a heavenly earth, I find myself speaking negative words to myself. Self-shame, dishonesty, guilt, these negative words also contribute to the destruction of the Earth. So on this Earth Day, and forward, I pledge to be kind to myself. Then be kind to others, nature, animals, etc. Kindness is a powerful and perhaps most effective tool that we definitely need more of in our current world. So this is something we can all do every day, starting on Earth Day 2022.

Love & Peace,







Meet Our New Team Members Of
Heavenly Earth Movement


Mariko Sagara

I like Dolphins, Oceans, Crystals, and Tennis (I was a student-athlete).
I am currently enrolling in an MBA program.

When I moved to Los Angeles 5 years ago, I became aware of what was going on by experiencing harmful air pollution, trash everywhere, and graffiti on the trees on the hiking trails. These made me sad, and I felt terrible for the earth. I started my own trash pick-up thing, hoping I could change something. So far, I have picked up 249 lbs of trash. I'm super excited to be a part of a member of this movement to create a cleaner, healthier, and heavenly place on earth.





Asia Harris

Ever since I was a child, my passion has always been with animals. Started from having traditional summer visits to Central Park Zoo with my mom to working as a receptionist to two different veterinary clinics.

But with any love, comes the responsibility of taking care of one’s you love. We cannot say we love animals and then we are leaving their stool on the ground for another animal to step on or digest it. We cannot say we love animals and we are combining ocean water and oil. We cannot say we love animals and we are leaving trash on the ground and having it transfer into our oceans. I am here to make sure these issues are addressed and to finally see some real changes.


Ayako Noda

Hello everyone! I’m Ayako, a staff of ONENESS IN LOVE INC.

When it comes to environmental problems… well, even though I know that they are undeniably problems of the earth we humans live on, there was a part of me that felt so overwhelmed that I felt powerless to make a difference by my own actions. But Setsu’s words motivated me a lot, as she says, "One person's action, no matter how small, absolutely has an impact, because everything is energy.” This changed my mindset and I feel that my choices are changing in a better way, whether it is food or my lifestyle.

In the “Heavenly Earth Movement,” my hope is to share and learn together, start where we are and take action from what we can to make the earth, nature, animals, and us humans healthier! Thank you very much for your support♡

こんにちは!ONENESS IN LOVE INC.のスタッフのあやこです。



Nao Nishizawa


My love for nature began at an early age. My favorite thing is the ocean. I vividly remember the first time I saw the crystal clear blue ocean, it took my breath away. I am amazed by its beauty and perfection and the sounds and colors heals me everytime. Traveling and discovering new gems of the earth and meeting new people and cultures is also something I love to do. My wish is a safe and peaceful world where all people, animals, and creatures can enjoy all the love and beauty the earth has to offer. Creating a more beautiful planet begins with each of us finding peace and beauty within ourselves. With the #HeavenlyEarthMovement, I hope to work together with YOU to find true beauty and serenity in even the smallest of actions. Thank you❤️




ONENESS IN LOVE INC. CEO, Spiritual Messenger & Advisor/Psychic/Medium/Jewelry Designer

Born in Japan, residing in NYC, Setsu has been gifted with psychic abilities and healing power since her childhood. Her mission as a spiritual messenger and advisor is to deliver reading messages of how to reconnect with their own soul, how to discover their power and how to acknowledge their true self. In order to expand her mission globally, she founded ONENESS IN LOVE INC. in 2011. Since then, various reading and healing sessions, seminars, workshops, retreats and other events are being offered regularly to attain from personal needs to business consulting. Regardless of age, sex, race and occupation, everyone can take advantage of her reading sessions to receive spiritual messages. To make the world a peaceful place starts with individual happiness.

“Every existing being is ONE connected by LOVE. We are ONENESS.” By Setsu



前世でも繰り返し霊的な力を使い人々を助ける役割を果たしており、今世でも人様のお役に立たせていただくことを運命の啓示と受け、某大企業で会長のエグゼクティブアシスタントとして13年勤めた会社を辞め、2011年、ONENESS IN LOVE INC.を設立。さまざまな状況下で助けを必要としている方々のお役に立ちたいという強い思いからスピリチュアルアドバイザーとしての仕事に専念することになる。


“わたしたちの世界ではすべての存在が愛によってひとつに繋がっています。辛いこと、幸せなことなど、わたしたちは人生の中で数多くのことを経験しますが、そのすべては愛が故の出来事なのです。” by Setsu(節)


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