Spiritual Advisor & Healer

Born in Tokyo, Japan, Setsu currently resides in New York City. Her psychic ability has been gifted since her childhood and she has seen the aura of people, trees, and plants, fairies, and spirits among others. She is also gifted with healing powers.
Without anyone’s instruction, she naturally knows how to heal people with illness by placing her hands. In her past lives, she had possessed psychic abilities and devoted her life to helping others.

After working as an executive assistant in a Japanese corporation for 13 years, she decided to dedicate herself as a spiritual advisor as her life work. Currently, she provides sessions in person as well as via Skype to reach out to people around the world.

She offers a variety of reading sessions to accommodate everyone’s needs. The sessions include Private Reading Session, Couple Reading Session (for two people), Energy Cleansing and Space Cleansing. Her reading session is a question basis. The clients can ask anything they need to know such as relationship, family, career, health, moving, your pets, deceased pets etc.

Her excellent work is introduced in a book called “Bakusho New York Powerful” by a Japanese bestseller author, Reiko Takeuchi and recommended by numerous bloggers. Her readings have been highly recognized by important figures and celebrities worldwide.